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Spend a Sacred Saturday at Bird Song

The Experience

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Birdsong 38 Pool
Birdsong 38 Pool

Experience an otherwise typical Saturday as an unforgettable healing journey.Join us and explore the.healing powers of Bird Song, a beautiful, historic 1933 original adobe compound, restored to its prominence. Leave your worries and responsibilities behind and enjoy the relaxation of a weekend escape with the supercharged healing prowess of psychedelic therapy.You check in to Bird Song at 10AM on Saturday, and we take care of everything until you check out at 6PM.

A Sacred Saturday at Bird Song10am Arrival
10:30am Introduction
11:00am Yoga
12pm Cold/Hot Water Therapy
1pm Ceremony
3:00pm Integration
4:00pm Dinner with Chef Zipora
5:00pm Sunset Sound Bath
$750 per person
Upcoming Sacred Saturday DatesJan 20
Feb 3, '24
Feb 24, '24
Apr 20, '24
Apr 27, '24

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Relax with Daytryp AZ

The Experience

10am Arrival
10:30am Introduction
11:00am Yoga
12pm Cold/Hot Water Therapy
1pm Ceremony
3:00pm Integration
4:00pm Dinner with Chef Zipora
5:00pm Sunset Sound Bath

Sacred Saturday OR Full Retreat?

Sacred Saturday ($750)- 1 Immersive Psychedelic Experience
- Holistic Wellness and Integration Events Throughout the Day

Full Retreat ($3,500)- 3 Psychedelic Journeys
- 4 Days, 3 Nights
- Private chef for dinner
- Massage after each journey
- Art therapy

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Retreat Offerings

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Meet Bird Song

The Power of Ketamine

Daytryp Health presents Bird Song, a luxurious setting to experience the journey of a lifetime. With a private chef, massage, and absolute comfort, you will feel the relaxation of a desert vacation with the supercharged healing prowess of psychedelic therapy.

Upcoming Retreats

October 19-22 - Full Retreat
November 2-5 - Full Retreat
Nov 16-19 - Full Retreat (LGBTQ)
Dec 2-3 - Staycation
Dec 7-10 - Full Retreat
January 4-7 Full Retreat
January 13-14 Staycation

The psychedelic medicine used on these retreats is Ketamine. Although ketamine is mainly used as an anesthetic in hospitals, in recent decades, research and studies have emerged proving it to be an ultra-effective and powerful treatment for a multitude of mental, physical, and spiritual ailments.The ketamine experience is unlike any other psychotherapy modality available and drastically improves symptoms for those with depression, chronic pain, anxiety, PTSD and much more.

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About our logo...

The Bird Song logo is a collaboration with the estate of the godfather of psychedelic art, Rick Griffin.

What can you expect from a retreat at Bird Song?

Are you exhausted, irritable, lacking patience, or simply worn out? Struggling to get past mental and emotional barriers that have plagued you for years? Wishing you had a new outlook or were able to sit, be still, and present with your family, friends, or yourself?After a rejuvenating and introspective retreat at Bird Song, you can expect to see life through a new lens, changing your perspective from the inside. Looking at challenges as opportunities as you’re clearly guided to the next chapter of your career and life.Expect to be open to the possibilities that change brings. Retirement? New relations or career? Change is movement, and movement is healing.

See your life as a parent with a new set of eyes and a full heart. Regain the youthful exuberance and interest that a child has. Become more present in your family life with a new sense of gratitude for your gifts.Look at past trauma without the darkness but with an open heart and acceptance so you can finally stop letting the past dictate your future.Lift the burden of depression and heaviness and replace it with a feeling of lightness of well-being.Restore your relationship by exploring a new level of depth and connection that can only be done through shared experiences and an open heart.


“The retreat was so transformational for my mental health. Feels like a year-long sabbatical in one epic weekend.”
Marilyn, Seattle
“The experience, the people, the ceremony, the integration, everything was first class all the way!”
Alan, Los Angeles

“Usually this kind of experience takes place in a clinical setting. This setting was like a world class spa in a deeply soothing environment.”
Rebecca, Phoenix
“While this was a totally different type of (inner) travel, it was right there with my greatest travel adventures.”
Brandon, New York City

About Daytryp Health

Daytryp Health utilizes the intentional use of legal psychedelic medicines combined with psychotherapy to support emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness.When you enter our healing treatment centers, an immersive and transformative experience begins. In a beautiful and calming environment, we facilitate safe and effective psychedelic treatments for mental wellness – supported by medically trained professionals with decades of experience.Ketamine-assisted therapy is a highly effective and medically proven psychedelic treatment for addiction, depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma, and more.

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Hacienda 38 is a Rare Bird...

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Originally built in 1933 and dubbed "Hacienda 38", this homesite has experienced major new developments in 1964, 1988, and most recently in 2017.Now called "Bird Song.” Located on an ultra private acre of land in the Arcadia area of Phoenix, Bird Song was manifested as a true healing space.Established in the 1930s with a honeymoon cottage at the center of the homesite. Bird Song boasts 3,447 total sq ft spread across a 2 bd/1bath guest house and 4bd/3bath main house with loft & den w kitchenette.The home was painstakingly restored under the guidance of a published interior designer in 2017. The rear guest house was developed in the 1960s and in the 1980s renowned sculptor and artist Bill Tull, reputed for his extensive work with adobe & contemporary southwestern architecture, designed the final piece of the structure of the main house we see today.The spaceBird Song was acquired by Daytryp Health with the intention of being the container for “ceremony.”Primarily destined to be a retreat center, Bird Song will also be available for other healers and current retreat leaders to hold space.The sacred land that holds Bird Song is ripe for healing and deep energy work.The historic energy of the original adobe structure from the 1930’s is the perfect container for growth and wellness.The cacti bordering the estate act as energy protectors. It’s hard to put into the words the feeling you get when walking the grounds of Bird Song.It’s something that needs to be experienced.All are welcome.

Events at Bird Song

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Our logo

Within this unique and rare relationship with the estate, Bird Song 38, LLC and Daytryp Holdings, LLC has aquired the right to use a variation of the adjacent artwork, for the Bird Song logo. We are extremely honored and grateful for this opportunity to use Rick Griffen’s beautiful art and keep his passion, soul and vision alive!Rick Griffin will always be closely identified with the Grateful Dead, having designed some of their best-known posters and album covers such as Aoxomoxoa. In 1967, Rick designed a legendary poster for the Human Be-In, an event that arguably began the Summer of Love. Griffin also created promotional posters for Jimi Hendrix and the distinctive logo for Rolling Stone magazine.We are proud to root Bird Song in the history of psychedelic culture as it enters a new era of relevance. We welcome you for an unforgettable weekend journey to Arizona.For more, explore @rickgriffindesigns on Instagram

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Main House

This is the main residence for Bird Song. 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 4 patios, a gourmet kitchen and the main room for ceremony.


This is the master suite, our most spacious accommodation.
A king bed and private bathroom.
$6,000 single occupancy
$10,000 for a couple


A spacious setting, with a queen bed, access to private living room, and private bathroom.$5,000 single occupancy
$8,500 for a couple


A private room with a king bed, shared hall bathroom, and access to private living room.$4,500 single occupancy
$8,000 for a couple


A private room with 2 full beds, shared bathroom and access to private living room$5,500 single occupancy
$8,500 for a couple

Casita 2

This is a stand alone home on the property with 2 bedrooms, queen sized beds in each, a living room, a full kitchen, 2 private patios, an outdoor jacuzzi, sauna and cold plungeThe bedrooms in Casita 2 are:


$5,500 single occupancy


$5,500 single occupancy

Or book the entire casita: